Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I'm channeling my inner Stevie Nicks in this Black Swan duster cardigan, so of course I had to name this post after one of my favorite Stevie songs.  Of course there's also Say You Will and Landslide, but who's counting?

Anything with fringe means I'm basically guaranteed to be into it.  Something about it feels so feminine and reminds me of one of my favorite childhood costumes - a gypsy, no less.  I was in the second grade and got to wear layers of scarves, bright red lipstick, a rope belt with tassels and the best part - stacks on stacks of bangles.  I remember feeling like a million bucks in that homemade costume, and it was a foreshadowing into the future - all of these elements I still love to wear today.  This is also why I tend to be more popular around Halloween - my girlfriends are always raiding my closet!  Although I don't think this is necessarily a compliment...

denim - Paige | cardigan - c/o Black Swan, love this one and this one | top - H&M, similar here | boots - NineWest x InStyle, love these | necklace - c/o Shop Prima Donna | snake bangle - c/o Le Tote | bag - Chanel, love this one | sunglasses - Ray Ban | lip - Urban Decay F-Bomb | knuckle ring - c/o Kendra Scott

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Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Face Mask

SURPRISE!  It's my Halloween mask don't be frightened!

Nah girl, it's just my Sunday night at-home face mask.  Every now and then, my dream night is slathering some unusual colored face mask (my happy place), a tall glass of pinot noir and some Real Housewives (I can't even talk about how much I want to punch Jim in the stomach).  This weekend I did exactly that with a quick and easy home recipe for a coffee scrub face mask.  I'm a big fan of this mask, but I tried a different recipe this time using coffee grounds, greek yogurt and a little bit of fresh lemon juice (the lemon is from my own lemon tree!).  The coffee grounds are high in antioxidants, and the caffeine is said to reduce puffiness. 

The end result left my skin feeling exfoliated and super smooth.  This is definitely a recipe I'll be trying again, and maybe using honey instead of lemon juice to see if I can see the difference.

  • 1 tablespoon finely ground coffee
  • 1/3 cup Greek yogurt
  • juice of half a lemon (this is good for oily skin, if you have dryer skin you can try using a tablespoon of coconut oil or honey)

Mix coffee grinds and yogurt together well.  Add lemon juice, stir, and apply to face liberally.  Once dried, clean face with water and voila!  Enjoy your gorgeous new skin.

Do you have any skincare or hair home remedies you've tried out?  If you give this recipe a try, let me know what you think! Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to enter the $500 Neiman Marcus giveaway! XO - 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday's Five

- these happy earrings that arrived all the way from Romania - 

- this interesting bloom that popped up in the yard - 

- reminiscing of this New York brownstone that has made me want to paint my front door red like nobody's business - 

- Grilling meat on our new little patio grill from a local farm that's sold at the farmer's market down the street.  I've been extremely picky about meat since watching Food Inc. years ago because I'm such an animal lover.  My favorite quote, "When we run an item past the supermarket scanner, we're voting for local or not, organic or not."  And I will always vote for humane treatment of animals (hello...I am the gal who picked up a cat from a parking lot...who's sleeping by my side as I type this #catlady). - 

- coming home to a new orchid from Christian - 

Cheers to the weekend!  I have a staycation date with myself this weekend, as Christian's on call and I gotta say, I'm excited.  I need to catch up on to-do's, spend some time treating myself to the pool and yogalates and brainstorm on what I might pack for our week in Mississippi/Alabama in October (!!).  My first trip home in over a year and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, especially since our flights were some of the most expensive airfare I've paid in quite some time - ouch!  We won't have the opportunity to visit Mississippi much in the next several years so we definitely plan to enjoy it while we're there.

What are your plans this weekend?  How do you unwind when you have a little staycation of your own?  A steady flow of vino and Bravo or is that just me?  Sidenote:  this Jersey Belle show has me cracking up.  I lived in Homewood when I worked for Southern Living, my brother-in-law is from Birmingham and he and my sister lived there for several years.  I love seeing the girls at all my favorite spots in the town (Nabeels and Avo, hello)!  I must say I'm proud of how the Southerners are portrayed - kind, friendly and polite.  Although I feel I'm more like Jaime than the other girls...and you know I love my Jersey housewives.

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PS - A big thank you for this fun "Friday Favorite's" collage from TAudrey - I just love this shop!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Heat Wave

When I was packing for New York, I brought a range of different pieces I could mix and match in case I found myself in a wardrobe pinch.  This is why my strategy of packing mostly solids is so convenient!  Thank goodness I did, because the heat wave was much more intense than I had anticipated, and I ditched the leather skirt for jeans and a tee.

Meanwhile, back in California it has been pretty warm as well.  I am running out of ideas of how to wear the same summer clothes over and over again - I need some cooler temps so I can wear all the sweaters, pants and boots I have ready to go!  Anyone else struggling with recreating the same warm clothes in September?

denim - Forever21 mens, distressing tutorial here, similar options here and here | tee - eBay, similar here | heels - Nine West x InStyle, similar here | sunnies - Amazon | bag - Chanel, love this one | cuff - Bryant Park market, love this one | necklace - c/o TAudrey | bangle - David Yurman | earrings - Forever21, old, love these 

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