Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sugar and Spice

So I know what you’re thinking, “is she going to cry about her dog again?” And you know what? I could. I definitely could, BUT I won’t. Instead, I would like to share a recent thought of mine.

Sugar and spice. While watching the most horrible show on cable, The Bachelor, on Monday, I decided that I didn’t really like either of the two girls competing for Jake GOOB Pavelka’s heart. In my opinion, Tenley was all sugar, and Vienna (monster) was all spice. I couldn’t help but wonder (Carrie Bradshaw shout-out), “what percentage am I sugar, and what percentage spice?”

I thought I would text my brainiac bf to do the math. His response is below:

“You are mostly spice but you are usually sugar 1-2 days per week. Those sugar times are usually either Friday night or Saturday night. One of those nights we inevitably go out to eat (Mexican) and watch a movie or show. If we go to church together on Sunday morning that is usually a sugar time too since you have to use your best manners. 1/7 = 14% and 2/7 = 28% so you are 14-28% sugar and 86-72% spice. Don’t you agree?”

WHAT!? So basically I am a monster, aka Vienna. This was seriously disappointing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know I’m sassy. I have a kattitude, and it’s not always pleasant, I’ll own up to it.  It all started to unfold . . . the Black Eyed Peas (going to their concert with Bec, Anna, and Springer 3/19/10 CAN’T WAIT) song, “Imma Be” came on in my car and Christian was all, “This is your song! Get it? I’m a B?” Sure, I have a sense of humor; I’ll laugh at my own expense, that’s fine – but I’m seriously starting to wonder if I'm straight up mean.

So what do you think you are? Sugar? Spice? Both? Talk percentages people. And be honest!! I’m counting on some of you sassy ladies to make me feel better about myself.



  1. "sugar and spice and everything nice."

    i'm going to go with the fact that since nice and spice rhyme together that it's better to have more spice. and i am not saying this because i am about 83% spice and the rest slightly sugary. not at all...

  2. i heart your blog.

    i think i lean more towards spice. like maybe 60/40. i need to be nicer.

  3. You're spicy, Kat... in a hilarious/fun way!! Sometimes I think my spice is just plain nasty... like putting too much pepper on scrambled eggs. The way I see it, though, and perhaps this is horrible, everything's better with a little spice!!

  4. I don't want to think about my sugar content. I'm afraid that the news would not be good......but......iIf I have eaten 4 pounds of peanut m&m's in the last 3 days....does that make me sweeter? I'm hoping so. I do believe that calories should not count if you are grieving. Just my opinion but my scales apparently don't share that opinion. Bummer.

  5. Love the blog, Kathleen! I think different people would have various opinions about my sugar & spice content. But as far as my percentages go, I'll get back to you after I poll some people. HA! But I do think that C's percentages of your sugar and spice levels are a little off : )

  6. Spice is not a bad thing...cinnamon, cumin, oregano,etc. And sugar makes your teeth rot. You have never heard of anyone getting fat from eating too many spices.


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