Monday, October 25, 2010

Brown Eyed Girl

For some reason, I’ve never really loved my brown eyes. My parents and brother both have brown eyes along with the darling boyfriend. My sister was blessed with beautiful blue-green eyes, but the rest of us were in the majority. I would get compliments on my eyes and would say, “Really? They’re just brown.” Christian has even told me that my eyes are one of his favorite features of mine and I thought, “huh?” I thought brown eyes were more common and prevalent in the world, and I do believe I’m correct – straight from Wikipedia – “Brown eyes are the most common eye color, with over half of the world's population having them.”

Well, boo. Who wants to be like everyone else?

But in the past year I’ve actually started to love everyone else’s dark chocolate brown eyes. I noticed that when I would love someone’s eye makeup in magazines or pictures, they would often have beautiful brown eyes. Their dark eyes would make such a bold statement and I found myself looking at them first in the photo because of it. Hhhmm….that doesn’t make much sense. Why wouldn’t I like my own?

Below are some of my favorite female celebs, who all happen to be brown-eyed beauties. You have to admit, part of what makes them so beautiful is their striking brown eyes:

The point of this post – I now love my brown eyes. Truly, I do. I use to overlook them and consider them average, but recently, they've become one of my favorite features.

Dark eyes are bold, soulful, exotic and mysterious. Just like every single woman in these photos.

I’m ok with singling out those of us with brown eyes in this post because guess what? According to the ever-informative Wikipedia, we ARE the majority. So that means the majority of you might just agree with me.

To all the brown-eyed beauties out there –

“A gray eye is a sly eye,
And roguish is hazel;
Turn full upon me thy eye-- Ah, how its wavelets drown one!
A blue eye is a true eye;
Mysterious is a brown one,
Which flashes like a sparkling-sun!
A dark eye is the best one.”
-William R. Alger



PS-not to leave out my beautiful blue, green, and hazel-eyed friends I’ll attach some of my favorite bright-eyed girls as well! I. Love. Kate. Hudson.


  1. Kat you kill me, I was laughing the whole time. Preach it sister. xoxo

  2. What a relief! When you were born in Suite 17 of Westside Hospital in Nashville with the most beautiful green eyes in the world, I was heartbroken. I wanted one of my daughters to have brown eyes like mine so I had the hospital preform a groundbreaking eye dying procedure that had never been preformed before. They told me that a possible side effect was that you might end up with a "spicy" was a risk I was willing to take. I've always loved your brown eyes....the "spicy" temperament, I could do with out.
    Love you,
    Mom :) :) :)

  3. Mom, I think you need to stop commenting on these posts. I'm wondering if you are scaring every other potential commenter away because you tell stories of birthing me, which isn't really on target with the tone of this pointless collection of posts.

    And the extra smiley faces is unnecessary. As C would say, "you are totes Kris jenner."

  4. I <3 this post. Although I love my eyes bc I get them STRAIGHT from my dad, I've always secretly coveted how much better a smokey eye looks on brown-eyed gals. And ya'll can pull of mysterious, sultry, sexiness WAY better than us.

    Your 'other' blue-eyed sister

  5. I'm not your sister or mother or in any way related to you, but I just have to comment, because you are sharing an experience I shared in my blog... not about my eye color, which my husband calls "amber" and I call "mud" - they are hazel - but about the shape of my eye. I have hooded eyes, and I have always thought a woman to be beautiful, has to have round, almond shaped eyes with apparent lids - and blue or green eyes... - but then I noticed that I find the women with hooded eyes more beautiful, when I don't think about the shape of their eyes... :-D


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