Monday, September 13, 2010


This past weekend I traveled to New Orleans for the Ole Miss vs. Tulane game and to visit some friends who have moved there.

I loved getting a taste of Miss Ragland’s (Emily is teaching 2nd graders in the Teach NOLA program) life in Uptown New Orleans and seeing what her new, Cajun life is like. She has the most adorable house and the tall ceilings, wood floors, and personality and charm of the house is so fitting. Thank you to Emily for being a fantastic host!! I had a wonderful time and cannot wait to come back on a normal, sane weekend and experience New Orleans like the locals. We can completely avoid Bourbon and stay in Uptown!!

It was great to see some Ole Miss friends and crowd around on dirty Bourbon Street. Thankfully Ole Miss won (hooray!!) and everyone remained in a great mood for the weekend.

All in all, I am beat. As this blog shows, I have been out of town several weekends in a row, and my body, mind and wallet are straining. Also, I tend to leave a little something everywhere I travel - a curling iron here, a hair towel there, some nail polish here, a shirt there – and it would be nice to keep all of my possessions in their place.

I have had such a fantastic summer of weddings, travel, reunions, vacations, a birthday celebration – it’s truly been a fantastic (and very hot) summer. I am now ready to park it in my large, organized, clean and lovely home and enjoy my wondrous DVR. I love you, DVR. Forever and always.

I’m also mourning Christian’s upcoming test block. Basically he has what appears as final exam week . . . . every 6 weeks. While his test block is NEXT week, that means both this AND next week he is locked up in a study jail cell with his head in the books. Miz. So I’ve taken it upon myself to cook him some yummy treats to soften the intense study session that will be the next 14 days. My FAVORITE being Alton Brown’s AMAZING Baked Mac n’ Cheese:

Below are some pros and cons of being boyfriend-less for the next two weeks:


-I don’t have to hear anyone complain about watching the Kardashians, BRAVO Real Housewives, Gossip Girl, Rachel Zoe Project, The Spin Crowd, Chelsea Lately, and Jersey Shore (so I watch a lot of TV – what are you going to do about it??). All females like these shows and the only other man in my life is Jeremy – and he’s basically a girlfriend so he happily and voluntarily likes ALL of these shows AND will help me clean out my closet while watching them.

-I don’t have to watch ESPN Sports Center or Sports Zone or whatever it’s called.
-I don’t have to compromise my plans. Booya!
-I don’t have to feel guilty if I choose a lean cuisine over eating pizza or Chinese or some other fattening guy meal that negatively affects my waistline.


-Who else is going to rub my shoulders and pop my back?
-I hope nothing breaks in the next two weeks because I’m not going to want to fix it and my MacGruber is temporarily going to be M.I.A.
-I don’t have anyone to help pay for my meals (it’s usually a Christian 60/Kathleen 40 situation . . . but I’m going to miss the 60)
-I can’t effectively chase down and free the lizards in my house.
-Lastly, I actually really enjoy spending time with that nerdy nugget.

Sorry this post was kind of all over the place – NOLA! Ole Miss! Food! Boyfriend-less!! Glad to be home in the bubble. Here’s to my “me time” vacation!