Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: The Battle of the Kardashian Diamonds

If you haven't yet been blinded by Kim Kardashian's 20.5-carat emerald cut engagement ring, look no further!!

I must say I find it interesting that New Jersey Nets Forward Kris Humphries invested in such an enormous diamond, considering he's only 26 and just recently had his "breakout season" because he was barely able to average double-points in rebounds(10.4) and points(10)...could it be possible that Kim (gasp!) bought the ring for herself?

But then there's Mrs. Khloe Kardashian-Odom, married to 31-year-old LA Lakers Forward Lamar Odom, and her much more tasteful but still delightfully enormous 9-carat radiant cut engagement ring.

So who's winning?

Prettiest Ring:
Khloe > Kim

Best Sports Team:
Lakers (Khloe) > New Jersey Nets (Kim)

Most Appropriate Age Combo:
Khloe 26 & Lamar 31 > Kim 30 & Kris 26

Most Appropriate Height Combo:
Khloe 5'10" & Lamar 6'10" > Kim 5'2" & Kris 6'9"

Best Hubs Name:
Lamar > Kris...seeing as Kris is also Kim's mom's name--ga-ROSS

Most Attractive Hubs:
Kim > Khloe

Khloe = 5 = WINNER!!

Kim = 1 = LOSER
Kourtney = 0 = BIGGEST LOSER because she dates Scott Disick who is an idiot.


  1. This post made me laugh out loud at my cub-sicle..LOVE IT! How does a girl balance 20.5?

  2. Agreed, Andra. Also, Kris Humphries is fugly. What crack pipe are you smoking, Kathleen?


    Andra--20.5?? That's cocktail jewelry...Kim K gonna get mugged.

    Carol(ine)--You think Kris is fugly fo real? I'd agree he's not GREAT looking, but I had no idea you were attracted to Lamar Odom.

    Does this mean you are BOTH voting for Kim K? #disappointed

  4. 1. The 'Agreed, Andra' was to the 'this post made me laugh out loud in my cub-sicle' ... or in my case, my casa-sicle.

    2. Is there a 'Neithe'r option? I gotta say, I'm not on board with the Kardashian girls' taste in men. Michael Jordan is the only professional basketball player I've ever been a fan of, and that's mostly because of Space Jam.

    3. If you're holding a gun to my head to pick between Kris Humphries versus Lamar Odom, I would definitely go for Lamar because of his sparkling personality ... and because he could reach all of the tall cabinets in my kitchen. I could just go ahead and throw out my step stool!!!

  5. These are actually all valid points.

    I have the Space Jam soundtrack ballliiinnnnn.

    Lamar=great personality, and he would make me feel petite which gives him MAJOR points as we all know I probably weigh more than my boyfriend, but we hven't gotten to know Kris yet...I think we get to know him in this next season of Keeping Up, but Caroline, you're probably too cool for that, am I right or am I right?


  6. You're right. I wouldn't be caught dead watching that trash ... no, only kidding, I only saw that about Real Housewives.


  7. just came across your blog aka blog surfing and literally laughed out loud at this post (and a few others)! Way to make to my blogroll haha :)

  8. YOU just made me laugh out loud.

    And BTW, love your blog too!! Blog friends--points for us!



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