Friday, July 29, 2011


This clip montage from Happy Endings makes me smile from ear to ear (and maybe wheeze a little with laughter) every time.  It SO reminds me of my friendship with Jeremy and it. Never. Gets. Old.

"OhmyGod, I feel like I've known you so long. Are we going to fight? No. I'm gonna go get you accessories - ok? Bye. See you soon!"

"OhmyGod snore, geez skank, have you ever told a story? I'll take it from here--ok CUT TO--cuter waiter walks ups, right..."

"Alright. And. Air. And. Off."

"WHATSUP SKANK!? Wwweeeeee!!! Ugh. I'm fat."


I've been begging Jeremy to be a guest blogger on CBL (my new slang for Carrie Bradshaw Lied) FOREV and he keeps "saying" he'll do it, but um....has he? NOPE.

Leave a comment if you want Jeremy to be a guest blogger on CBL (!!!) or DON'T leave a comment because NO ONE BESIDES MY MOM, CASSIE, KTdaQT (**noted**) AND CAROLINE EVER COMMENTS.

Say something. I believe in you. And the power of Jeremy's diva-ness.


  1. I love you and this post. I promise that my blog will be up and running after I get to five followers because lets face it...writing for only you and Cassie is just sad. Get me three more followers, Kitty, and Ill be back as well make a guest appearance on CBL. Love you to the moon, DRAMA!

  2. Much better! :)

    See... Now I'd don't have to bring the wrath of the QT down upon you.

  3. You have to get yourself out there, Jer-Bear! The followers are not just gonna flock to you, Don't you think I would know that? Hello, 11. Now, 56.


  4. Jeremy has a blog??? I did not know this….I’ll be happy to follow him. Send me an address for it. Say WHAT? DRAMA!!!! Loved this clip and would like to say I love Jeremy but I’m really not sure he even exist. Every time I’ve been in Jackson he mysteriously has been AWOL. What does that even mean? I would love to read a guest post from him and maybe a youtube video of him lip syncing - or singing - a GaGa song!!!


  5. There is someone else that cares Re. I want to hear what Jeremy has to say!! Come on Jeremy...get your "DRAMA" on!!!

  6. Okay dolls...I will do a guest blog. (sighs dramtically)
    I will start working on it tonight and hope that it doesnt dissapoint.
    Love you all.

    Karen -

  7. Karen, Jeremy's blog, XoXo Gossip Boy, is listed at the bottom of my list of "Friends" under my "Blogs I Love" tab.

    You MUST check it out!

  8. Completely different note: watched the first 6 episodes of Happy Endings last night. This show is hilarious! Thanks Kitty Kat!


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