Friday, July 22, 2011


Today's post is going to require a little help from you -- just go there with me.

I need you to play this FABULOUS Robyn jam, Call Your Girlfriend (liking her ridiculous outfit is not required).

At the SAME TIME I need you to play this sassy boy's solo dance to Madonna's Vogue, but put the video on mute so you can only hear Robyn.

Watch these two shake it together...I LOVE IT. I CAN'T STAND IT!  They both have some excellent moves that I plan on learning and whipping out at Anna McKissack's wedding.

This has brought me so much happiness I can't even explain it.


  1. Interesting but I still like the Lady Gaga Bad Romance little boy SO MUCH MORE!!!!

  2. That is absolutely FANTASTIC! I still can't get over Robyn's backflip with her butt in the air. lovelovelove it!


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