Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monogram This

If you're following the fashion blogs like this girl, you've seen this West Avenue Monogram Jewelry available at Max & Chloe everywhere.

For those of you/us whose initials aren't changing anytime soon, I think you/we need to buy this. I mean....LOVE.  Don't y'all think this is the new Carrie necklace? I hope so, because my "10k gold" is now bronze. Not cool. Any of  you who know me know that Kat prefers the ghetto gold (so many Carrie  references in so few sentences! Excitement!).

**warning: f-bomb dropped at the end of the clip (well past 1:15)**

Ghetto Gold = 0:50 - 1:15

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  1. love the country club clutch in green!!! i only carry a diaper bag right now but dreaming of the future


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