Friday, September 30, 2011

Leatha Lova

Much to Jeremy's dismay, I'm really into this leather trend.

And apparently I'm not the only one.  Marie Claire and US Weekly are also noticing the lust for leather.

I have the Kardashian Kollection leather leggings Khloe is wearing!

L to R:  Kardashian Kollection leather look panel leggings, TJ Maxx leather bomber jacket, Forever21 leatherette skirt, vintage peach leather pencil skirt, Forever21 leatherette mini skirt, Zac Posen for Target pleather leggings.

Get the look:
  1. Pleather Strapless Dress
  2. GAP Mini Skirt
  3. Leather Pencil Skirt
  4. ASOS Leather Pencil Skirt
  5. Leather Motorcycle Jacket


  1. You seriously have a shopping addiction, Kat. But it makes for a FANTASTIC blog.

  2. The shopping addiction is true...but Christian told me that my blog is too vain and I should stop blogging about my clothes....

    I need to find something else to talk about. Unfortunately I can't cook like YOU!! Your blog makes me so hungry -- that veggie pastry looks AH-MAZE.

  3. IT IS, plus it's really easy! Try it! The puff pastry is frozen! You won't regret it, I swear!

  4. I was sitting at work today, praying to the gods of fashion, and this was my humble prayer:

    " are my TRUE RELIGION...I am humbly coming to you to pray for a dear friend of mine who has gone astray. Her name is Kat, and she has been sucked in by the demons of leather. I learned in Sunday School as a child that when one of the "flock" goes astray that we should do anything and everything to save seems like a hopeless cause with Kat's leather phase...I also remember learning that if these sinners who have gone astray will not change their evil and sinful ways, that we should dust our feet off, and move this is what Im doing fashion...I am dusting my adorable size 10 Ben Sherman crocodile loafers all over her fugly leather pants and skirts. She is a lost cause and I wont participate in her sin anymore. It is my last plea, however that you save her. Sincerely yours, a heavenly homo...Oh, hail Mary."


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