Friday, November 11, 2011

Call me Aunt Kat...Part 2

But what could this mean, you say!?

Indeed, another one in the Williams household is expecting! My brother and his wife. The initial word of this somewhat frightened me, as most of you with brothers are also frightened at a miniature version of your brother gracing this earth...but I was quickly calmed when I remembered this child would also be half of my sister-in-law!! Game changer!  That means there is a chance this baby will believe in air conditioning, not consider the mustache a fashionable accessory or consider herding goat in Italy a fun vacation. 

In December I will meet my precious and hopefully-very-baby-diva-ish niece and in March I will meet yet another (more indie/artsy fartsy) baby niece!

I've always envisioned my brother's child to be a little like this:

But you never know...she COULD be like this:

Just kidding...we all know that will never happen...or will it...?

I guess we'll find out in March!

Babies, babies everywhere I go
Spit up on me
And you'll regret it FO SHO.

Consider this a warning.

But Aunt Kat still loves you.

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