Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meet Lula LaShonda

SO...this weekend my roommate and I rescued a cat. (Now Lula) was in the Cinco de Mayo restaurant parking lot and when I said the "here kitty kitty kitty" ring that I always say to strays (never expecting them to actually come up to me), she came right up to us and purred and rubbed her little head on our hands.

What do we do now? After debating what to do and deciding we needed to help poor Lula, Mary Ellen scooped her up and off we went. After contacting the restaurant and questioning the manager as to whether or not this cat was homeless, he assured me that she had been hanging around for a week or two and was being fed occasionally by an employee who didn't work everyday. Lula needed a home.

Somehow within hours Lula became my responsibility (thanks MaeMae)...and $300 and a weekend later she is litterbox trained, loving her diva-leopard cat bed, up-to-date on her shots and currently being treated for an ear infection.  Unfortunately we live in a small apartment with a dog and I am allergic to cats.  I've called all the vets in the area as well as the animal shelters to let them know I have her in case anyone calls regarding their missing kitty cat.  Lula LaShonda is healthy, friendly and happy and she needs a good home!

Don't let her sass and cattitude fool you...girlfriend loves that holiday collar! 

If you or anyone you know might be interested in an indoor or outdoor cat, Lula might be the one for you!  She is a small kitty, only about 8 lbs., and based on her teeth the vet thought she was anywhere between 2-4 years old.  I have all her vet records (since Friday) and am happy to give the litterbox with her as well.

Please help me find her a good home with cat lovers who will appreciate her silky soft fur and belly rubs (yes she likes her belly rubbed like a dog)!!  Email me at:  carriebradshawliedblog@gmail.com if you know anyone in the Mississippi area who is interested.



  1. I know someone and his name is Christian. He LOVES cats and would happily take her I know. :) I’ll email you personally to give you his info. Wish this was really true - we need to work on this kid!

  2. Awww she is so cute! I hope she finds a home soon


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