Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't Report Me to PETA

What do these photos have in common?

Dead animals.

Don't report me to PETA...I will happily remind you that I live with a cat from the restaurant parking lot and so far she's worth around $400 in vet bills and various other expenses (bling collar not included).

But back to the point, I pulled all these photos for my "home inspiration" files and didn't even realize they all had hide rugs in them.  And you may have read me blog about my lust for a hide rug here.  Obviously that's a sign from the decorating gods that I need a hide rug.  And for the record, I envision the decorating gods to look a little like this:

The question is:  which hide is most fitting?  I'm mostly a neutral girl but I do have a lot of chocolate brown in my home decor...does this mean I shouldn't go zebra?  Help!!

Which hide should I buy?


  1. I would probably buy the cream one (I own a cream one after all) -- but FYI the cream one shows a lot of dirt and my OCD-self must vacuum it all too frequently. But I also have it in my living room which is high traffic.

  2. PS- I'm heartbroken you did not add a photo of MY living room to your inspiration photos. RUDE.


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