Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: The Battle of the Kardashian Diamonds

If you haven't yet been blinded by Kim Kardashian's 20.5-carat emerald cut engagement ring, look no further!!

I must say I find it interesting that New Jersey Nets Forward Kris Humphries invested in such an enormous diamond, considering he's only 26 and just recently had his "breakout season" because he was barely able to average double-points in rebounds(10.4) and points(10)...could it be possible that Kim (gasp!) bought the ring for herself?

But then there's Mrs. Khloe Kardashian-Odom, married to 31-year-old LA Lakers Forward Lamar Odom, and her much more tasteful but still delightfully enormous 9-carat radiant cut engagement ring.

So who's winning?

Prettiest Ring:
Khloe > Kim

Best Sports Team:
Lakers (Khloe) > New Jersey Nets (Kim)

Most Appropriate Age Combo:
Khloe 26 & Lamar 31 > Kim 30 & Kris 26

Most Appropriate Height Combo:
Khloe 5'10" & Lamar 6'10" > Kim 5'2" & Kris 6'9"

Best Hubs Name:
Lamar > Kris...seeing as Kris is also Kim's mom's name--ga-ROSS

Most Attractive Hubs:
Kim > Khloe

Khloe = 5 = WINNER!!

Kim = 1 = LOSER
Kourtney = 0 = BIGGEST LOSER because she dates Scott Disick who is an idiot.

Real Housewives of New York Booze Cruise

It's no surprise I love some Real Housewives. I will shamelessly admit I've watched them all - OC, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, New York, Miami and DC - and they make me oh-so-happy.

I love how each show has such a different energy. Beverly Hills is so Barbie & "status"-centered, New York is so aggressive and blunt, New Jersey is so mafia-trashy and OC is so "new money." They all make me laugh for different reasons and being that I am such a devoted viewer, I knew it was my responsibility to buy their booze.

One of my favorite housewives of all time, Bethenny Frankel, has had her SkinnyGirl Margarita on the market for quite some time. Being that I'm not a big margarita-girl, I haven't bought it until now, but I'm excited to have a taste test!

Another New York Housewife, Ramona Singer, is the "pinot grigio queen," with a glass permanently in her hand at all times. When walking into a party, she barely has time to inhale before she's flagging down the waiter to request her pinot grigio--so why not capitalize on this character trait and create & distribute your own vino, right? Introducing the Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio:

Unfortunately, the wine isn't available in my state, but NO WORRIES--I'm heading to Watercolor this weekend and they're selling Ramona's pinot at the Modica Market in Seaside!

Let the booze cruise begin. Cheers!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Shorts Suit

I've noticed the "shorts suit" trend in magazines and blogs for spring and summer...and it's clear that everyone feels differently about it.

I happen to LOVE this look. While most of us can't pull off short shorts to work (and rightfully so), I think this is such a classy and polished look for nighttime.

So many girls think blazers make them look boxy, heavy or masculine---and I couldn't disagree more. I love a blazer. It's a chic way to add a professional, structured touch to an ensemble without putting on the is-this-cardigan-mine-or-my-grandmother's.

I purchased a lightweight, feminine, scalloped-edged "shorts suit" from H&M recently and while I've worn them separately, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to whip them out together.

Interested in the shorts suit look? Keep in mind you don't have to make it matchy-matchy, just pair a blazer with some summer shorts and wedges to create a version of this look you're comfortable with.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cut Out Dresses

Here's where you can find your own: 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chicago is My Kind of Town

Marshall Field & Co (now Macy's)--where my grandmother worked when she was based out of Chicago as a flight attendant in the 50's!

Wish I had known about this!!! 

We had a fantastic weekend in Chicago. Food, shopping, a trip to the salon, theater, sight-seeing, Michigan Avenue--it was a beautiful Spring weekend in the city and the tulips throughout downtown Chicago were absolutely beautiful.

The only way it could have been better would have been if I had met Oprah or Vince Vaughn!