Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hospital Table=BeezNeez or "Hospital Chic" or The Lazy Table

Recently I decided that I needed a small side table with wheels that I could use as a laptop table. I often need something that I can "wheel" close to me to use as a temporary desktop and I'm tired of using a lapboard (but I still love the lapboard you made for me at camp Sarah Thorne!).

While perusing online I was SHOCKED to see that anything cool was $$$.

I liked all of these but was hoping to spend around $50, max.  Thank you Amazon -- enter the hospital table!!

** was $46 a few weeks ago--sorry! They must have heard Kathleen Williams was about to blog about it and upped the price. TACKY.**

This thing needed to be spray painted, stat.

Shortest height

Tallest height=MAJOR BONUS.  Use this by the couch, by the bed, in the kitchen when your laptop takes up too much counterspace and you're watching a youtube recipe tutorial (what? I've never done that).

This thing is AMAZING.  It's not like it's going to be on display...I can shove it in one of the three empty rooms when I'm not using it, but I have a feeling I'll be using it on the reg.  So yes, I'm a grandma now, I live alone, I have a stray cat who now lives in my house and I use a hospital table.  IT'S FINE, I'M FINE WITH IT.

I think this is the table version of the Forever Lazy.

Plus, if Karen comes back to visit/hang my new chandeliers and falls off the ladder, I can use this when she's bedridden with a broken hip.  Just kidding y'all!! Tap dancing for 12+ years has given her great balance, she ain't gon' fall!!


  1. This is BY FAR the funniest post you have written in a long time. "It's fine, I'm fine with it." pahaha, love your hospital table. seriously.

  2. HAHAHA! I LOVE this idea! It does look much better spray painted though!

  3. I know of someone who is going to have one of these in each room. She really is a grandma now though, so it's a little more acceptable.

    PS: It's Mom.


  5. Yes, Sarah Thorne aka “Unknown,” I am a grandmother now and although I do think this is pretty practical and am impressed with Kathleen’s creative thinking, I won’t be getting one for each room - just yet! I can’t believe that I have not thought of this before now. Of course, with half a dozen doctors in this family, you would have thought Kathleen could have gotten one for FREE!!!! And yes Kathleen, I do have incredible balance as well as incredible tap dancing skills!


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