Friday, January 20, 2012

House Tour: Before & Afters

I've FINALLY gotten some photos together to show y'all!!! 
Keep in mind this house is still a work in progress, I'm adding/making/creating/buying/sprucing everyday.  I'm hoping to keep everyone posted as new things are done, BUT here is a taste for now.

I'll take you in through the front door...

I'm was immediately exploring different light fixtures to replace this one.  I found a rustic chandelier to stay in theme with the feel of the room for under $40 from a consignment store!

 I haven't painted the built-in shelves because I'm not quite sure how they would look next to the darker brick...I thought they might need to stay brown.  Any suggestions?

Book paper wreath post here.

Cork wreath post here.

Who's coming over for a drink?

The curtians needed some TLC--you can see they were coming apart at the bottom left.

Entry way--the curtains block the formerly empty living and dining room, which have now been created into Christian's man cave (living room) and a storage room (dining room).

Down the hallway to the Master Bedroom and Hair & Makeup...

Master Bedroom

Hair & Makeup 

Enter into Hair & Makeup -- CHBoo's idea --  a room to house all my girly!  And yes, the room was already yellow.  I didn't feel like painting it.

I had just the "KW" and Christian helped me hang the "B" after we got engaged - it makes me smile as we countdown the days to 11/10/12!

The curtains came from the attic...they were the curtians in mine and my sister's nursery when were babies.   Everything old is new again!

Guest Bedroom

That's about it for now, friends.  Keep in mind the ONLY furniture that was newly bought in this house were the two mirrored side tables on either side of the bed in the master bedroom, the master headboard and the two club chairs in the den -- everything else came from the apartment or my parents glorious attic.  For recycled goods, I must admit, I'm very pleased.

NONE of this would've been possible with the help from my fabulous mother.  Alan, Karen and Christian were here to help me clean, paint, create, craft and glue this place together.  THANK YOU so much!!  I love y'all!!!


  1. I'm super impressed. It looks damn good, especially for like 3 weeks???


  2. THANK YOU both!! Yes it's only been three weeks. I'm currently hunting for chandeliers and adding little touches here and there...but I'm thrilled with the turnout especially considering 95% is recyclyed goods (read: FREE).

    THANK YOU Caroline for all of your advice!

  3. Looks good girl!!! I, too, am so jealous of your hair and makeup room! For your bookshelves on either side of fireplace, what if you painted them kind of a taupy gray? That would help lighten the room up but not be too stark against the brick... Just my thoughts! Everything looks great!

  4. Love everything Kathleen, you found a house with some great features (why hello there awesome fireplace) and your styling is my favorite! Hope you'll keep us updated!

  5. Thank you for your input Catherine!! I always love to get a professionals advice....for free! :) I LOVED the pics of your apt that you shared so I would blindly trust your opinion. I hadn't thought of a taupy gray -- but I'm definitely going to consider it! I think they need a little lightening up for sure.

  6. Kathleen- Love your blog! One tip- We have a circa 60's house with a brick fireplace and built-ins as well. Last spring I painted the fireplace a tan/taupy color and the built-ins a glossy gunmetal gray. It really opened up the room and made the built-ins a focal point. Also- we took off the gold fireplace cover. It was really easy. Painting a fireplace is time consuming and takes a LOT of paint but is so worth it! Check out for painted fireplace ideas.. The website is addicting!!

  7. Sarah,

    Thank you SO much for your suggestion! I definitely am intrigued by removing the gold fireplace cover. I love the idea of of the contrast in colors too! I'm going to have to visit that site!

  8. Where in the world did you get that headboard???

  9. Where did you get your bar piece?

  10. Wow, so beautiful!
    It's so nice to meet a fellow Southerner who moved to California! I moved from Texas to Cali for 7 years, but just recently moved back South. I sure do miss Cali! I hope you two enjoy it!

    Thank you so much for doing a tour of your house! I love the same color palette as you, so I'm going to use lots of decorating ideas from you! Thanks a million :)


  11. Simple question.... I LOVE the bedding on the bed..... where did you get? I love the gold trim and gold monogrammed with the accent pillows and I LOVE the blanket/throw?! at the bottom. Just love and I'm sure it's sold everywhere, but I can't find. THANKS in advance and thanks for sharing all of your great ideas. Just love your style!

  12. I'm obsessed with your dining room chairs. Where are they from?


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