Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update: Hair & Makeup Part I

A few things have changed in Hair & Makeup that I am excited to share!!! 
Today in Part I I will be sharing my new lovely clothing rack.  I decided to replace the old hanging rack with a Ballard Designs beauty I found on Craigslist (special shoutout to my new friend Alice).

After having three different people suggest this amazing Ballard Designs Coat Rack, I thought I needed to do some research.  I was magically able to find this exact clothing rack *brand new* on Craigslist for half the price!!  That was a sign from the decorating gods.

Reminder:  My decorating gods (also mentioned here) are from Bravo (duh) and look like this:

Ballard Designs Niles Double Coat Rack (please note that the text in the upper lefthand corner reads, "this year I vow to create my fantasy closet in the spare bedroom no one ever uses."  Dear Ballard Designs, are you looking into my soul??):

I met up with Alice in the Fresh Market parking lot (after e mailing with her 27438947134x because it was her first experience with Craigslist) and picked up my prized possession.

I put this together myself because I was too scared to ask CHBoo to help me.  During this whole new home--make/create/sophisticate--put this together please--what time does Lowe's close- experience, CHBoo's true colors in the handyman-house projects department have come out. 

It's not pretty, it's not great and I gotta say I'm not loving it. 

It's like my clothing rack got a facelift, right?  It's like my clothing rack went all Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on me and I like it.  I can display all my pretty purses and cocktail dresses!!!

Get excited y'all...Part II of the Hair & Makeup Update is tomorrow and it's finally CHANDELIER TIME!

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