Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update: Hair & Makeup Part II

I think we all knew this day would come.  In order to properly complete Hair & Makeup/a diva's dream dressing room, I was going to need a chandelier.  Carrie Bradshaw would totes agree.

After finding the perfect sparkler for a great price on eBay (check out the seller's eBay store here), I received a little something in the mail from my precious Grammy.

Isn't she the sweetest!? Grammy wanted to give me the chandelier of my dreams for Hair & Makeup. 
Grammy = DA BOMB

In order to not ruffle CHBoo's delicate lady feathers, I thought I would also attempt to put together this beauty myself.  When it came in from New Jersey (shoutout to my Real Housewives -- Caroline Manzo I love your new haircut) in 294723939874 pieces...I called CHBoo on speed dial.

Why you gotta be so sassy, son?  Although let's be honest, he learned from the best.  And I learned from the best of the best, Karen.  It's really just a vicious cycle and I'm not apologizing for it because sass makes me happy.

It's gorge.  I'm obsessed with it.  Sometimes I open the door to Hair & Makeup and just stare at it.  Sometimes I also hit my head on the dangly crystal ball part but I'm fine with that.  The point is that is was TOTALLY worth all Christian's whining, complaining and making me promise him this is my last house project for a while.  And it was definitely worth him almost electrocuting himself because now I'm a real diva with a bling BLING chandelier in her dressing room and everytime I look in my vanity mirror I see Mariah Carey (the ultimate diva) looking back at me.  Last time I think I even heard her whisper, "You're on your way to becoming a real diva, Kathleen...but you can't sing like me so you'll never be apart of the VH1 Divas Concert."


  1. You make me laugh out loud 32095709201 during your posts. Chandelier is GORG= jealous!

  2. gorgeous! do you have pinterest? i would like to follow you, you have great taste

  3. SASS YOURSELF!!! Looking gooooood girl!

  4. I love it!! And how sweet of your grammy +Chboo for helping :))

  5. Get you one, y'all!!! It's only $100 on eBay -- trust me -- you won't find another one at this price.

    Yes I'm on Pinterest!! KatWillia.


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