Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blogger Stalking

Live Chat Monday night (3/26) between Catt, Catalina and Jacey -- 3 bloggers that I follow on the reg.

Seeing that I follow these gals' blogs on a regular basis, you can understand my excitement when they selected my question to answer!!  Confession:  I only asked this question because Lina (far right) always wears an engagement ring but never mentions a fiance or  being the creep who was asking this question I found out that not only has she been married for 14 years, but she also has 2 kids!!  Say WHA!!?

Can't wait for their next live chat...if you follow any of their blogs they should keep you tuned in!  You can also catch a repeat of this discussion on Damsel in Dior.  Next time I'll ask a less creepy stalker what's their favorite handbag.


  1. Whoa! Hold the phone! Catalina has TWO kids?? I'm freaking out! Oh and don't worry, as a fellow creepy stalker of her blog, I definitely noticed the HUGE ring that sneaks into her pics. I'll definitely have to tune into the next discussion! xxo

  2. Hi Kathleen.
    I was on the chat also. So funny because not sure how I stumbled on your blog months ago but I read your blog daily and totally didn't know that was you asking that question but I am glad you did! I was also shocked to find out that Lina had 2 kids and a 14 year marriage. I guess I am just as much of a creeper as you are because I am obsessed with her also haha. Some people just have that "je ne sais quoi" that makes you adore them so much.

    The video is up on her blog if you want to check it out again. See you on the next chat and again love your blog girllll

  3. HAHAHA Donca!!!

    We just bid on the same sweater of Lina's HAHAHAHA we area like stalker sisters.

    Love it. XOXOXO until the next chat!!!


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