Thursday, July 19, 2012

Can we talk about this?

Where is this kid? Can I be friends with him?  Apparently the snuggie's name is Blue Ivy.

 Don't tell Jeremy, he might get jealous.

I can't handle it.  I can recall doing a similar music video replica of N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" in elementary may have been a little better than this considering I had bangs and was at least a foot taller than all of my friends.

Just envision Kathleen + bangs + tall & lanky + tube socks + school uniform + gap anorak =

It's pretty amazing I had friends.  I thank God regularly that youtube wasn't around when I was younger...I can guarantee if it had been Kady Truesdale and I certainly wouldn't have boyfriends.


  1. Hahaha I sent that Beyonce spoof to a gf at work yesterday! How funny (and ridiculously awesome) is that kid?!

  2. That outfit you just described is the EXACT one I wore to the N*SYNC concert in Jackson when I was like 13. I look back on that tube sock trend and shudder... haha

  3. okay. you are officially my alter ego. I did the EXACT SAME THING, but I preformed it. In public, at a girl scout talent show.

    I forgot how awesome that video is. Slash I can't believe how dated it looks when it was SO cool back then. Oh and the part when Justin stops the music and laughs? Still makes me swoon. I will always be that 11 year old when NSYNC is in the picture. OMG. thank you for this.


  4. BEST COMMENTS EVER. If only we were all tube sock anorak friends in the 6th grade -- we would be the coolest NSYNC fans on the block.


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