Wednesday, August 29, 2012

007 vs Casablanca

Confession:  I wasn't the "normal bride" who went to one store and found a dress.  I went to four bridal stores seven times before I found "the dress."  I didn't even decide for sure until last week -- a mere three months before our wedding.  At different times I thought three other dresses besides the final choice were "the dress."  I'm aware that I'm crazy.  I've been fortunate to have many opportunities to wear evening gowns and I'm not easily impressed and unfortunately I'm a serious dress snob.  My poor sister and mother have gotten numerous texts and emails -- "this is the dress, no wait...THIS is the dress...ok, seriously, final choice -- this is THE DRESS."

So it was SO MUCH FUN for a change to be in the other person's shoes when going tux shopping with Christian!  He will be spending the month of September doing an away rotation out of state, so we needed to go ahead and see what exactly he wanted and liked.

It came down to the classic 007 black tux or the ivory Casablanca dinner jacket, so charming.

I'm not going to lie -- it was so fun to see him dressed as my black tie Ken doll (his nickname from many...we all think Christian is a human Ken doll), and dressed like this, he's going to make my walk down the aisle much easier!

My mother (who is showing her age by sharing this commercial) said he reminded her of the Mystery date board game dream date - how hilarious is this old school commercial?

Christian liked both looks, but ultimately said he just felt like a waiter.  Bless him.

What do y'all think?  Classic 007 or charming Casablanca?


  1. I vote classic 007!!

  2. 007 all the way. The black tux with bow tie is the most handsome look there is on a man, in my opinion!

    1. Very true. I agree with that -- I just wonder if the ivory would flatter his skin tone more?

      You can't go wrong with 007, agreed.

  3. Classic 007!

    He looks good in both, but the white tux seems more like a costume.

  4. Casablanca all the way! I love when the groom is in white as well, it adds another level of connection between him and the bride on that day.

  5. 007 for sure! He looks very handsome in both though.

  6. That commercial is great. Confession: I didn't watch it when Mom originally emailed it out. It's like the 60's version of The Bachelor
    Sarah Thorne

  7. Oh man...I like both! I do like Casablanca style a lot thought...:)

  8. Just a thought...check on months that a white dinner jacket is appropriate. It might be fine, but I "think" a fall wedding would call for black. Looks smashing in either way!!! Best Wishes!

  9. I just went tux shopping last week, and it was so fun! My fiance is wearing an ivory dinner jacket for our wedding, as I love the idea of something a little different (and a nod to what my father wore 30 years ago!). Can't wait to see what you pick! :)


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