Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Five

1)  Being asked to be matron of honor in my best friend's wedding.  Speechless, honored and thrilled to celebrate such an amazing woman and fabulous couple!!

2)  Receiving this sweet gift from mi madre - Elie Saab perfume that I've been lusting over for at least a year!

3)  Receiving a set of four of these goblets that I am obsessed with.
Look closely!! You'll see my tiny head in my pilates clothes with my camera.  So cute!
Correction:  not cute.

4)  Receiving some fabulous accessories from Stella & Dot that I can't wait to share with y'all.

5)  Being so lucky to have such a flexible fiancĂ© who lets me interrupt his P90X to take some photos for an upcoming project with Style Spies.


  1. Love all your 5 goodies!! I love your top you have on, where is it from? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Where are those goblets from? Gorgeous!

  3. I love the picture of you in front of those clothes! So pretty!! Can't wait to see the project!

  4. Would you mind sharing the maker of the goblets? Love those!

  5. Love the stationary idea for asking to be matron of honor! So cute!

    Can't wait to see your upcoming project with Style Spies!

    LKF @Bmore Domestic #H54F

    P.S. Where did you get your bedding? It's so lovely. I really want to get our Euro pillows monogrammed.

  6. Ahhhh LOVE MY MATRON OF HONOR!!!!! And I'm sort of completely obsessed, much like you are, of your new goblets. Like, I kind of think I might high jack them. 22 DAYS AWAY FROM TYING THE KNOT KITTTTYYYY!!!!

  7. You MUST tell your fabulous fiance thanks for Style Spies! It's hard to pause P90X. ;-) Happy weekend!

  8. Oh, hey pretty in that last picture. Also, I'd like all the furry things hanging on that rack. xo - Rivs


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