Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Five

1)  Receiving some presents so pretty that a part of me didn't even want to unwrap them!

How appropriate is it that Tiffany's has their own tape?

2)  Velvet pumpkins that are perfectly pretty.

3)  A loving and thoughtful wedding care package from my Aunt Donna including this precious handkerchief!  Her constant selflessness and support is so incredible and absolutely made my week.

When I asked CHBoo if I could wear the "it's all about me" sign as a headband...he quickly shot down the idea.

4)  A MacKenzie-Childs tray that has happily found its place in our home - so fitting that this is from a family friend with amazing taste and style.

5)  Cozying up with Miss Lula and my dvr with a warm bowl of taco soup.


  1. What fun gifts!! You should totally wear the "It's all about me" sign ;) Love it!

  2. I think it's always wonderful to see that beautiful blue tiffany wrapping!!!! I wouldn't want to unwrap it, myself! And that taco soup looks SO GOOD!!! Happy Friday, pretty!

  3. Hope the Tiffany wrapping had something amazing in it and what a sweet aunt!

  4. I love MacKenzie-Childs! I have the beautiful decanter and a candle holder. My Mom pretty much has everything MC and our house is full of it! I really want the tea pot, and I saw you have it too :) Great style!

  5. What beautifully wrapped gifts, I am VERY excited for you! Jx

  6. What great presents! Love that sign and anything MacKenzie Childs or in a blue bag or box. ;)

  7. thats it, im getting married again... just for the gifts.

  8. Love pretty presents! Those velvet pumpkins are so fab! Happy weekend! xo ~ Lindsay

  9. Who painted the picture of your dog? It's such a cute pet portrait!

    1. Thanks so much! My mother actually paints oil paintings and she did this for my husband a few years ago for his birthday.


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