Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HO HO HOw do you decorate for the holidays?

The first thing I did when I arrived home from the Thanksgiving holiday = get out the Christmas decorations!  That's how we've always done it in the Williams house -- belly full-a-dressing?  Put on your sweatpants and set up that tree, lazy.

When I realized I didn't have a tree topper I quickly found a wedding weekend trinket that did just the trick.

Hey 'lil Christian head!

Christian sees his future in this favorite youtube video of mine:

But what could make this even better?  Listening to some classic Harry Connick, Jr. while dancing around the Christmas tree, of course.

What's your tradition?  How do you decorate for the holidays?


  1. I'm dying over your tree topper! Too funny! Everything looks beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous decor! The tree topper is hilarious...
    I loooove Christmas and decorating but, since Canadian Thanksgiving is WAY back in October, I'm not allowed to decorate until American Thanksgiving -- it's an agreement we have in our household. #compromise

  3. Question: in the 3rd photo from the top, is that a tray or a table? It immediately caught my eye (probably because I'm a wino) and now I want it!

    1. That is a tray made from wood from a wine barrel -- I have coasters that match as well! Nice eye! :)

  4. LOVE your decs, Kathleen! All so pretty! We always do our mantle first (confession: it's been done since the first week in December... #iheartchristmas), and we always do the tree together over some funky tunes and cider the weekend after Thanksgiving!! Style-wise, you and I could be besties-- classic with a little modern twist! Love it all!

  5. I'm so with you, right after a full Thanksgiving dinner the decorating is on!! Your decorations are beautiful!

  6. While I DO love your decorations, I must say that it is your choice in youtube videos that has me quite impressed!!!! ;) "Make it nice around the tree! C'mon make it even! Make it niiiiiiice, c'mon!"


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