Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: Aztec Healing Clay Face Mask

You might remember seeing me mention here that I've been wanting to try this face mask for a while.  I've had the ingredients but haven't been daring enough to give it a whirl.

I took the plunge this week and am excited to share the experience!  This website shares many different ways to mix the clay with other ingredients to find the specific kind of face mask you're looking for.  I just wanted a simple and relaxing clay mask so I mixed 2 TB of clay with 1 TB distilled water and 1 TB raw apple cider vinegar.  Seeing the vinegar make the mixture sizzle a little made me a little nervous...but then the mixture became a thick paste and I was much less concerned!

The directions said to lather it on pretty thick so I wasn't shy.

Now sit and wait for 10-15 minutes or until dry.  Pray that no one rings your doorbell in said 15 minutes...unless it's Halloween trick or treaters and you can claim this is your costume.

All in all I really DID like the mask and will definitely be trying it again.  I took the advice of some of the reviews I read and took off the mask over the kitchen sink after plugging the drain.  If you're not careful the clay can easily stop up your sink or bathtub.  I took off as much of the mask as I could and then gathered the remnants and threw them away in the trash can.

This mask left my face feeling smooth, my complexion clear and even and my skin felt a little tighter all over.  I think this mask has numerous other benefits -- reducing blackheads, acne and large pores.  Next time I plan on keeping it on a little longer to if the results are any different and also using less portions of the ingredients.  1 TB of clay combined with 1/2 TB water and apple cider vinegar would be plenty.

If you're interested in trying this out for yourself, you can find this healing clay here and here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

ComfyHeaven Pillows

Some of you may remember when I shared how pleased I was with the monogram letter pillows I received from ComfyHeaven here.  I have always adored the Jonathan Adler monogram pillows but I didn't want to spend over $300 for three pillows...

Enter ComfyHeaven!  I visited her etsy shop (check it out here) and instantly fell in love with these letter pillows.  I have adored having them and was so honored when Anita of ComfyHeaven contacted me about designing and gifting a ring bearer pillow for my upcoming wedding.

I don't have a ring bearer (Christian and I have five adorable nieces and nephews but have chosen an adults-only ceremony, welcoming all the little ones - crawling, walking and running - to the reception afterwards), but had an idea for another way I could utilize her fantastic designs.  She created and sent this lovely triple monogram pillow and I am so in love!

The raw silk is such a lovely buttery-gold, no picture in any lighting seems to do it justice.  I know it will be such a special memento of the weekend.

A BIG thank you to Anita and ComfyHeaven for your fabulous designs!  Check out her site here and get some monogram letter pillows, choosing from a wide range of fabric colors and designs.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Five

1)  Receiving a special handkerchief to wrap around my bouquet on our wedding day.

2)  Spending time with my precious niece, Edie.

3)  Crisp apples just begging for some caramel.

4)  A delicious gift from a fabulous friend and one of my favorite bloggers, Caroline of Between Your Ears.  I am ready to get to frothing with this delicious device.

Followed by a surprise wedding shower from my thoughtful and touching.  "Soon to be a Real Housewife," please notice the magnolia--amazing.

5)  Checking off the marriage license "to do!"  I love an excuse to hang out with this guy on my lunch break.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Halloween: Cat Lady Costume

Peplum Top - Forever21 (no longer available), similar here, here and here
Striped Skirt - Target (old), similar here
Boots - Wild Rose
Bag - Chanel
Accessories - bib necklace, Swatch watch, Danielle Stevens bangle, assorted David Yurman, Hermes

This cat lady couldn't pass up a $1.99 teeny tiny witch's hat at Wal Mart for Lula LaShonda.  This is our first Halloween together!  A celebration is required and I might be ditching my annual cat ears/tail ensemble (I'm always Kat the cat) to match Lula's wardobe and just call myself a cat lady.  

In other news, I have read that thigh-high boots are out this year...but I'm not willing to give mine up just yet.  I love how this outfit looks put together but ssshhh!!  It's all cotton and feels like pajamas.  Don't mind if I do.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CBL on Style Spies

Thrilled to be featured on Style Spies today!

Love getting to know these girls -- a fabulous group providing a wide array of styling services.  Check it out here!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ladies Night

Lately, Christian has been on his family medicine rotation which means he is so lucky to leave work at 5 like most of America! Recently I may have expressed how nice it would be if Christian (who gets home at least an hour and forty-five minutes before me since I head to pilates post-work) had prepared dinner for ME when I arrived home, rather than me getting home and rushing to put something together for us both to eat.

Someone is a GREAT listener!!  Friday afternoon I got a text message from Christian telling me that he's working on dinner so I can just head home and relax.  We had some champagne to toast our less-than-a-month-to-wedding countdown and I kicked my feet up with Lula LaShonda while declaring it LADIES NIGHT (CHBoo still disagrees with this call it a self-proclaimed ladies night).

I'll take it.  He doesn't even live with me yet and if this is going to become an occasional treat?  I'll put a ring on it.

This was his own google search or recipe outline for this guy.  I wonder if following a recipe is like asking for directions for men?

I asked what I should call this creation of his and all he would say was, "delicious," so I'll share with you what this dish really included -- flatbread with sautĂ©ed spinach, mozzarella, grilled chicken and a balsamic glaze.  The mushrooms were stuffed with mozzarella cheese and spinach.

I casually watched him cook and raised an eyebrow here and there but didn't say anything...mostly I enjoyed listening to him explain his creation, "it's kind of an open gyro, it's kind of a salad, it's kind of a pizza, it's kind of amazing."

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Five

1)  Being asked to be matron of honor in my best friend's wedding.  Speechless, honored and thrilled to celebrate such an amazing woman and fabulous couple!!

2)  Receiving this sweet gift from mi madre - Elie Saab perfume that I've been lusting over for at least a year!

3)  Receiving a set of four of these goblets that I am obsessed with.
Look closely!! You'll see my tiny head in my pilates clothes with my camera.  So cute!
Correction:  not cute.

4)  Receiving some fabulous accessories from Stella & Dot that I can't wait to share with y'all.

5)  Being so lucky to have such a flexible fiancĂ© who lets me interrupt his P90X to take some photos for an upcoming project with Style Spies.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pilates Bodies

What do all of these celebs have in common (besides the fact that they're all celebs, obviously)?

I know y'all have heard me talk about my recent obsession with pilates (like here, here and here), but I really think it has changed the shape of my body.  I have always had a more athletic build with natural muscle.  I played sports in high school and continued to regularly exercise and lift light weights throughout college and adulthood.  

Pilates has changed the shape of my muscles.  Rather than building muscle, it's lengthening, toning and stretching the muscles I have.  I hold most of my tension between my shoulder blades and pilates helps relax all of my muscles, relieving any back pain that builds during the workday.

It's safe to say I'm addicted to The Pilates Studio.  Lately I've considered it like the ultimate spa -- the sound of the waterfall tower, the relaxing spa music, the smell of the candles, the stretching -- but I leave feeling stronger, relaxed and thinner.  Stay tuned for some exciting renovation and expanding announcements coming soon!

Addicted.  If you haven't tried it yet, I'm telling you -- you will love it.  Please give it a try!!  It is without a doubt one of the best things I have done for my body throughout all of this wedding stress.